L'auberge au Coeur de la Côte: an idyllic setting with a view of Mont Blanc

Experience a moment of unique relaxation

Every day our fisherman supplies us with fresh fish

Come and taste our speciality: perch fillets

We offer an extensive wine list of the best regional vintages

Most of our supplies come from the vineyards in Mont-sur-Rolle and the surrounding area

Feel like a coffee or drink after a walk in the surrounding area?

We look forward to welcoming you!

The dishes

Fresh produce, day after day

Our specialities

  • Fresh fish from Lake Geneva

Fresh fish - Auberge au Coeur de la Côte - Mont-sur-RolleWe obtain our supplies of fish from our working fisherman, Mr. Revillo, who is a native of the village of Perroy.

We work mainly with perch fillets, but depending on the daily catch, we can also offer other types of fish.

  • Steak tartare cut with a knife

Dishes of the day

Every week we update the suggestions and dishes of the day. The suggestions depend on deliveries and on the chef's inspiration.

Surprises assured!

Our menu

  • Traditional menu
Traditional menu - Auberge au Coeur de la Côte - Mont-sur-RolleWith us you will find all sorts of mouth-watering dishes - tenderloin, T-bone steak, pasta...

  • Seasonal menu
    In addition to the traditional menu, we offer a menu adapted to the time of year.

Practical information

Route du Château 2 1185 Mont-sur-Rolle
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Special opening on sunday from 20 guests